Global Faith Forum


About Unlikely Conference

After speaking this week with clerics from across the country, it is clear that local communities are hurting over the crisis in Israel & Palestine. Clerics are investing considerable amounts of time and energy, above and beyond even their typically heavy workloads, caring for and leading their congregations. With that in mind, we have made the decision to postpone the Global Faith Forum. At this time, we feel it would be counterproductive to ask clerics to travel across the country to attend a conference, and instead we would prefer to give them the time to fully focus on the care for their local communities and congregations. The GFF will be rescheduled in the future, and we look forward to advancing the pursuit of peace together. We hope you will reach out to one another during this difficult time. We all need support and empathy at such a time; we can all learn by listening to the pain and hopes of trusted friends. And we can all find our paths to pray for peace in the Holy Land.