Global Faith Forum


Unlikely Allies Building Flourishing Communities

March 6-7, 2022 • DFW


About Unlikely Conference

We are living in a time of polarization and fear like few times in American and global history. The fear between the faiths should not be something that causes us to destroy one another and the world in which we live, but to understand one another so we can move forward building flourishing communities together.

The Global Faith Forum is a gathering of unlikely allies that venture down an unlikely path with the goal of building flourishing communities. We are moving from a conversation about others faiths, to a conversation with other faiths.  A conversation that allows us to hear from those of different faiths, different worldviews, and different ideas that shape the way we communicate. Whether you’re a religious leader like a Pastor, Imam or Rabbi, or a person of faith, this is your chance to understand the realities of faith in the 21st century. This event brings together distinct bodies of faith for greater understanding while facing our differences with grace and humility.


As a long-time champion of bridge-building between different religions, not many have worked to cross divides in the world more than Dr. Mohammad Al-Issa. From acknowledging the Holocaust to reaching out to different faiths & ideas, this has led to the culmination of his writing of the Makkah Declaration in 2019.

Sunday night of the conference, a historic event will take place in Dallas Fort Worth as Dr. Al-Issa will read the Makkah Declaration and others will respond. It will be the first-ever national public gathering of evangelicals and Muslims. The next day, we will hear from other top religious leaders including Pastors, Rabbis, and Imams on how we build bridges together.


Dr. Mohammad Al-Issa

Muslim World League

Christine Caine

Author & Propel Women/A21

Hamza Yusuf

Zaytuna College

Amb. David Saperstein

Former Ambassador of International Religious Freedom/Multi-Faith Neighbors Network

Amb. Sam Brownback

Former Ambassador of International Religious Freedom

Zeenat Rahman

University of Chicago Institute of Politics

David M. Beasley

World Food Programme

Dr. Steve Grand

Atlantic Council/Multi-Faith Neighbors Network

Walter Kim

National Association of Evangelicals

Imam Mohamed Magid

ADAMS Center/Multi-Faith Neighbors Network

Bob Roberts Jr

Multi-Faith Neighbors Network/GlocalNet


Northwood Church
1870 Rufe Snow Dr
Keller, Tx 76244
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