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Walter Kim

National Association of Evangelicals

Walter Kim is President of the National Association of Evangelicals. After ministering for 15 years at Boston’s historic Park Street Church, he served as the Pastor for Leadership at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Virginia, and currently serves as Teacher-in-Residence. He has spent nearly three decades preaching, writing, and engaging in collaborative leadership to connect the Bible to the significant intellectual, cultural, and social issues of the day. He regularly teaches in seminaries, addresses Evangelical concerns with elected officials, and provides theological and cultural commentary to leading news outlets, including The Washington Post, Christianity Today, The New York Times, and CNN. He also serves on the boards of Christianity Today and World Relief, and on the Advisory Council of Gordon College.

Walter received his Ph.D. from Harvard University in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, his M.Div. from Regent College in Vancouver, and his B.A. from Northwestern University. He contributed to the Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics, Archaeological Study Bible, and The Soul of Medicine. He is a licensed minister in the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference.

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