Unlikely Allies Building Flourishing Communities

March 9 - 7pm | Church of the Resurrection


About Unlikely Conference

We are living in a time of polarization and fear like few times in American and global history. The fear between the faiths should not be something that causes us to destroy one another and the world in which we live, but to understand one another so we can move forward building flourishing communities together.

The recent hostage situation at Congregation Beth Israel in Texas tragically highlights how critical multi-faith relationship are. Bridge building efforts amongst different faith backgrounds helps to build relationships, develop mutual trust, remove fear and increase understanding which ultimately leads to communities that are more resilient to hate, violence, and polarization. The beautiful stories of multi-faith support and care given during the DFW hostage situation was truly an incredible picture of the working multi-faith communities we working to build across the country. Click here to see more on how multi-faith leaders stood together during that incident.

The UNLIKELY event is a gathering of unlikely allies that venture down an unlikely path with the goal of building flourishing communities. We are moving from a conversation about others faiths, to a conversation with other faiths.  A conversation that allows us to hear from those of different faiths, different worldviews, and different ideas that shape the way we communicate. Whether you’re a religious leader like a Pastor, Imam or Rabbi, or a person of faith, this is your chance to understand the realities of faith in the 21st century. This event brings together distinct bodies of faith for greater understanding while facing our differences with grace and humility.


Dr. Mohammad Al-Issa

Muslim World League

Amb. David Saperstein

Former Ambassador of International Religious Freedom/Multi-Faith Neighbors Network

Bob Roberts Jr

Multi-Faith Neighbors Network/GlocalNet

Imam Mohamed Magid

ADAMS Center/Multi-Faith Neighbors Network

Hurunnessa Fariad

Multi-Faith Neighbors Network


Church of the Resurrection
13720 Roe Ave
Leawood, KS 66224
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