Niki Roberts


Niki has been married to Bob Roberts for 30 years. They started NorthWood Church 25 years ago in Keller, Texas.

Nikki earned her BA in Education from Baylor University and taught in the public schools for 19 years. Answering God’s call, Nikki left the public schools in order to minister to church planter’s wives, lead the women’s ministry at NorthWood and to work globally in many different projects.

She leads a group of educators who travel to Vietnam to conduct the annual Special Education Training Conference at the Hanoi National University. In addition, she continues to travel globally to Kenya, India, Vietnam, Dubai, Syria, Israel, the West Bank, Australia, Belize, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Romania, and other places where she speaks on a variety of development issues and women’s topics.

She has been involved and led in multifaith projects globally and in the DFW area. She and Bob have 2 children, Ben and Jill.