Jack Sara


Rev. Dr. Jack Sara is the President of Bethlehem Bible College Jack was born and raised in the Old City of Jerusalem. Jack studied at BBC after committing his life to Christ and his ministry. Got involved more and more in the ministry of the Jerusalem Alliance Church which in its turn recognized his gifts and call and encouraged him to go and study further for the work of the Gospel, so he did. Jack went to the Philippines to study at the Alliance Biblical Seminary and came back with an M.Div degree after which he returned and began ministering in full time capacity with his church and teaching part time at BBC.

After serving the church for 13 years as a senior pastor, under his leadership and other like minded leaders he saw the Alliance church become a church planting movement and a catalyst church in reaching out to the Palestinian people and Arabs with the love of Christ and in various means.

Rev. Jack holds a doctorate degree from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in Missions and Cross Cultural Studies. Rev. Jack travels around the globe, teaching about Missions and Cross Cultural work in the Middle East.

Rev. Jack is an ordained minister with Evangelical Alliance Church in the Holy Land where he still maintains an overseeing role with the leadership of the churches, he had also worked extensively in the areas of peace & reconciliation.