Andy Branner


Andy Braner has 15 years of experience working with young people from around the world. He currently serves as the CEO/President of KIVU, a summer resort where teens can experience real time community, real time adventure, and real time faith, through hours of one on one relationships. He also runs the Kivu Gap Year, where students can embark on a global adventure to learn, discover, and prepare them for University life
Each year, Braner speaks to over 100,000 teenagers in various venues, including school, conferences, church events, and book tours. His mission is to help students understand what it means to follow Jesus in real life.

An author of 4 books, LOVE THIS (2007), DUPLICATE THIS (2009), AN EXPOSE OF TEEN SEX AND DATING (2011), and the newest release ALONE: HOW TO FIND CONNECTION IN A LONELY WORLD (2012).