A. Larry Ross


A. Larry Ross has nearly three decades of experience in mainstream and Christian public relations, with significant involvement in both Christian and secular business. Throughout his career and personal ministry, Mr. Ross has been a strategic consultant to many organizations and individuals at both agency and corporate levels.

A graduate of Wheaton College in Illinois, Mr. Ross has diverse experience in all forms of promotion and communications. He has developed national and international images for worldwide organizations, in several cases serving as primary corporate spokesman.

Mr. Ross has extensive radio/television training and expertise. Before his involvement with public relations agencies in New York, Philadelphia and Dallas (since 1980), he spent several years as field spokesman for the General Motors Corporation. He has also handled media positioning for baseball great Joe DiMaggio and evangelist Billy Graham.

He has helped numerous organizations conduct issues management, corporate positioning, crisis communications and coordinate special events – influencing public opinion through an effective use of media and public relations.